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NIA's 'Anti-Ai' Logo Downloads.
Our 'Ni Declaration' icons are designed to declare that Natural Intelligence was used to produce a particular piece of artwork, content or visual media, including text - so NO generative Ai was used in its production.

Our 'Ai Exclusion' logos are designed to notify all Ai entities that your work is forbidden from being scraped in any way for any usage.

Our sister suite of 'Ai Disclosure' logos is here
ANTI-Ai logos pack
Human creatives that would prefer to deny Ai access to their copyrighted works, should display our 'Ai Exclusion' icons, to forbid all Ai bots, entities and processes from scraping, accessing or using any media content accompanied by our globally distinctive and highly identifiable graphical indication logos.
NIA's 'Ni Declaration' and 'Ai Exclusion' logos are FREELY downloadable* for individual users, organisations and human-centric activists to display on specific pieces of their own genuine artwork or media content that DO NOT involve any generative Ai contributions - the overall intention being a loud and proud public declaration that should help to raise awareness, lead-by-example and boost respect for the fact that any creative work emblazoned with our 'Anti-Ai' logos, are deemed to be either the puritan end-product of 'organic' human creativity and ingenuity, or natural creative works that are strictly forbidden from being scraped or used in any way by any Ai entities or processes.

Premium 'transparent' versions of each icon design are also available for instant download under a personal annual user license for just £5pa per colour (£50 per year for organisations). These premium format PNG logos can have their opacity reduced for use as a larger watermark that can be placed behind text passages or as a top onion-skin layer over pictures and video presentations, to boast the novel declaration that NO generative Ai has been used.

Use of these disclosure logos is intended to promote honesty, transparency and respect for strictly human content, while simultaneously establishing an international symbol of recognition in the proactive defence against redundancy, exploitation and obsoletion of human creatives by the rise in artificial intelligence.

The NI Declaration logo can only be displayed on works of human creative expression that do NOT include any Ai contributions whatsoever, so is designed to take our copy-rights and trademark or branding claims a step further by visually indicating (legally notifying) that the art piece, text or materials emblazoned with it are NOT fair game for Ai usage, and the natural creator, IP owner forbids their work to be scanned, scraped or reused in any way by any ANI, AGI and ASI platform or mechanism. Misuse of our Ni logo (displaying it on artwork or media that knowingly involves Ai input) will be dealt with as a deliberate act of fraud.
*Although NIA's introductory launch of the 'Ai Honesty Treaty' licenses organisations to download and use our 'Ni Declaration Logo' for FREE until the end of 2023,
an annual subscription charge will apply from the start of 2024 onwards.

NB: NIA's non-premium 'Ni Declaration' Logo will ALWAYS be FREE for individuals to use.
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