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A non profit, worldwide 'members only' sovereign movement web community, advocating personal growth, social enlightenment, natural living, ethical lifestyles, human rights, self preservation, safety, privacy, liberty and diverse social progress. Godlings advocate sustainability, freedom of expression, decentralisation of power and resources, free energy, freeman sovereignty, lay law of the land, universal/natural/common law, sacred divinity, self growth and spiritual evolution.

'Godlings' are a sovereign tribe of freedom warriors
that play a significant role in the fictional GodHed saga.

Living off-grid and thriving beneath the 'thin veneer' of civilised society, the colourful group of Godling antiheroes and megatagonists obviate the necessity for humanity's spiritual awakening by providing the reason and purpose for dismantling the mainstream narrative of our contrived and psuedo-natural lives.
Human history and recent events have illustrated that membership to a real-life Godling cybertribe would seriously benefit those of us who wish to survive, navigate and continue to function amidst world-wide breakdown of our personal liberties and other failures of socio-domestic culture or industrial infrastructure

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