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Godhed Saga

What Is The GodHed Story About?

GodHed is a hyperdelic, transrealist, dark-enlightenment shamanic thriller, focused upon the spiritual phenomenon of humanity ascending the limiting factors of our physical existence, in contrast to and as a catalyst of our inherent cosmic legacy. The premise uses elevated horror and high-concept plot-lines to deliver an existential, grounded sci-fi experience.


The story follows the unassuming, dysfunctional life of Zayner, a self-medicating neurodivergent with a range of trauma-based ASC symptoms. His accidental ingestion of a sacred, psychoactive concoction, triggers numerous out of body excursions to the same quantum co-ordinates of a dark dimensional realm that holographically overlaps humanity's own astral plane, where a five-sided pyramid or 'pentamid' has secretly been constructed to allow dimensional beings to engineer fear and pain vibrations deep within humanity's subconscious, the frequencies of which are used to power the ET's own despicable version of reality.


Back in the real world, Zayner discovers that substantial gaps in his memory are masking significant events that have awakened a heightened state of GodHed in his confused and troubled mind, causing disturbing visions of dark energies and even negative entities attached to certain objects and events that are generally invisible to less-conscious humans. 


His hazardous journey home reveals an unwitting connection to a sovereign tribe of underground 'Godlings', who orchestrate a rebellious campaign to fulfil an akashic prophecy concerning a cosmic triumph over evil forces that have been preventing humanity from becoming the race of super-sentient beings they are destined to become.

What Does 'GodHed' Mean?
GodHed refers to the hyperdelic (psychically connected) phenomenon induced when a person's neural circuitry or cerebral matrix is activated enough to awaken their pineal gland, which induces a shamanic state of sovereign consciousness. In this super-sovereign state, elevated humans are able to detect the etheric energies and read the astral information of inanimate objects and all living things, including vibrational history, life experience and interactive connections to all other energetic materials.

A hyperactive GodHed state can also reveal star beings, astral entities, celestial hosts, dimensional forces and demonic creatures that are usually invisible to the naked eye whilst encroaching upon our reality or operating within their own dimension. 

The GodHed state of mind is a natural phenomenon that can result in a 'rude awakening', caused or achieved in numerous accidental or intentional ways, many of which most of us experience naturally throughout our lives, but you'll have to read the book or watch the TV show to find out more about how, why and when this can happen.


Time We Got Our GodHeds on!
The phrase 'Getting your GodHed on' describes a condition where someone experiences the enhanced sensory perceptions of advanced human consciousness, voluntary or otherwise. Just like 'Godmode' in gaming circles, the state of GodHed can also unlock extraordinary human abilities. The potential of which reaches further, much faster when more people 'reconnect' their souls to tune-in and share the same psychic bandwidth and awaken en mass.

The GodHed story explores many disturbing yet surprisingly inspiring subjects, by delving into various underground and esoteric aspects of our lives which draw upon the true nature of our hidden history.

The GodHed story intends to inspire a recollection of our true human destiny and help to recalibrate our souls in accordance with a celestial creator, by encouraging a natural rise in cosmic consciousness that will convince the masses to wake-up and get their GodHeds on!

Embracing Genre Subversion
GodHed represents an eclectic mix of majestic genres that cannot be pigeon-holed into one category. This is why mindfullness junkies, fantasists, futurists and bookworm bingers will devour this premise when they find out how much edgy, elevated horror and grounded sci-fi this high-concept fiction story has in store for them. Anyone who appreciates meaningful plot-lines, eye-opening revelations and deep existential stimulation to obsess over, will relish this visually stunning, thought-provoking franchise.


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