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NIA's 'Ai Disclosure' Logos.
Our 'Ai Involvement' and 'Ai Generated' logos should be used to inform viewers and consumers whenever generative Ai has been used in the production of artwork, designs or media content, including text. 

Our sister suite of 'Anti-Ai' logos is here.
AI DISCLOSURE logos pack
NIA's 'Ai Disclosure' logo is FREELY* downloadable for individual users, organisations and Ai platforms to use as an identifier stamp that discloses the use of generative Ai in specific pictures, photos, artwork, media content, animation, video recordings or broadcasts, as part of the fair transparency clause that forms part of our 'Ai Honesty Treaty' campaign policies.

Our premium 'transparent' version is also available for instant download under an annual user license for just £5pa per colour (£50 per year for organisations). These premium format PNG logos can have their opacity reduced for use as a larger watermark that can be placed behind text passages or as a top onion-skin layer over pictures and video presentations, to either disclose partial Ai involvement or complete Ai generation.

Use of these disclosure logos is intended to promote honesty, transparency and respect for strictly human content, while simultaneously establishing an international symbol of recognition in the proactive defence against redundancy, exploitation and obsoletion of human creatives by the rise in artificial intelligence.
*Although NIA's introductory launch of the 'Ai Honesty Charter' licenses organisations to download and use our 'Ai Disclosure Logo' for FREE until the end of 2023,
an annual subscription charge will apply from the start of 2024 onwards.

NB: NIA's non-premium 'Ai Disclosure Logo' will ALWAYS be FREE for individuals to use.
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