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Natural Intelligence Alliance
Welcome to NIA's 'Ai Honesty Treaty' Campaign

Home to the world renowned 'Anti-Ai Logos'.

Our Ai Honesty Campaign is geared towards raising Ai awareness, respect, fair use and transparency, by providing quick and easy to apply solutions that will help to protect media users and content consumers from erroneously accepting machine output as human ingenuity, to avoid being misled by Ai generated interpretations of our human reality.

This webpage is the home of our 'Ai Disclosure' logo, specifically designed for Ai enthusiasts, hobbyists, experimenters and the Ai curious, to publicly indicate whenever generative Ai has been used in any creative projects, media content or products they create, present, sell or distribute.

For artist's, creatives and content providers harbouring 'Anti-Ai' sentiments, NIA have also developed an 'Anti-Ai' advocate pack of publicity logos, consisting of two identity icons meant to promote human-centricity:

Firstly, an 
'Ni Declaration' logo, intended to proudly declare whenever artwork, content or media is the product of 100% 'Natural Intelligence', deliberately without the use of any generative Ai.

As well as an 'Ai Exclusion' logo designed to act as a universal identity stamp for creators and owners of exclusive artwork, media and content to publicly forbid any Ai technology to scan, scrape, 'learn' from or process private data, personal work or intellectual properties
From this website, individuals and groups can:

1) Join our FREE
Natural Intelligence Army campaign club, to meet likeminded folk and stay informed about our Ai Honesty Treaty, and general campaign progress

2) Become a paid 
Natural Intelligence Alliance member to directly help fund the worldwide ratification and industrial implementation of our 'Ai Honesty Treaty'. 

3) Download FREE coloured badge versions of our 
'Ai Disclosure', 'Ni Declaration' or 'Ai Exclusion' logos, to display on your own media content and creative work.

4) Purchase annual user licences to use 
transparent (clear background) versions of our game changing 'Ai Disclosure' and 'Anti-Ai' logo packs.
NIA's international Ai Honesty Treaty will require all participating countries to recognise the non-disclosure of Ai generated material as an illegal act of misrepresentation, under international trade laws. We are also campaigning to stop Ai usage or manipulation of 'Ni Declaration' labelled materials, without the creator or owner's consent, credit and compensation (including the cloning of faces, body, voices, performances, words, music or 'style'). We believe that unauthorised use of private and intellectual property should be dealt with to the same degree of identity theft and IP infringement for machines as it is for humans, under existing privacy acts and copyright laws.

"NIA's multi-national Ai Honesty Treaty is essential to protect humanity
from fake Ai photos, video clips, events and news reports, which can
at best be misleading or sensational, and at worst disrespectful,
offensive, harmful or dangerous when bias, slander, discrimination or defamation is involved.
Manly Scribe.

NIA believes that the existing 'International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights' should include our 'Ai Honesty' protocol within their manifesto policies. This would ensure that all intellectual, creative, commercial and public media content that involves the use of generative Ai to any degree, is openly disclosed as such, so as to set a new standard of immediately identifiable and reliable transparency, in an attempt to avoid exposing web users and media consumers to mal/mis/disinformation, untrue claims, covert propaganda, fake history or any other false yet convincing picture, message, post, report, persuasion, event or influential broadcast.

"I just watched a TikTok reel where Nigel Farage claimed that due to overcrowding of cells, UK judges have been instructed NOT to send rapists to prison from 2024 onwards! Not only is the video so convincing that it appears totally legitimate, but after searching for more info on this and getting nowhere, I realised how sad it is that not only do we live in a time where such a claim is not entirely improbable, but our airwaves have become so adulterated with sensational rubbish, that without one of NIA's Honesty Treaty logos to determine the video's authenticity (one way or the other), there's no easy way to discern whether it's actually a fake Ai joke taking the rise out of Nigel, or another genuine cause for concern."
Manly Scribe.

IMPORTANT: NIA's manifesto for the 'AI Honesty' Treaty also requests that restrictions in 'Ai training', 'machine learning' and 'dataset access' processes, adhere to a strictly voluntary 'opt-in' criteria that is implemented across the board, by default. This means that, instead of everyone having to tolerate the tedium of manually opting-out of Ai data-harvesting (like we currently have to with the incessant rejection or denial of unessential cookies), everyone is automatically protected, unless they choose to opt-in to such Ai usage.

"If we're not allowed to go on-line, download a Banksy picture and add our own symbolic changes, then upload and share it as our own creation for payment or promotion - then why are Ai platforms allowed to?"
Manly Sc

All historical archives, established media offerings, existing websites and traditional knowledge-bases should also be deemed as 'off limits' to Ai or bot-based web-scanning and data-extraction practices by default, unless they consent to such by opting-in. This means that all stock-media, shopping sites, web communities, social platforms, web-hubs, sharing portals, chat interfaces, open forums, member clubs, news outlets, SaaS sites, museums, databases, universities, science-labs, organisations, industries, projects, servers and archives that do choose to share data with Ai, should clearly indicate their 'pro Ai' relationship by displaying our 'Ai Disclosure' logo and stating the degree to which their users' data is exposed to Ai mining, harvesting, processing, manipulation and publication.

"It's all well and good claiming there's no harm in allowing Ai to harvest humanity's wealth of data, when most of it is 'anonymised for research' or educational purposes... but artists' pictures, songwriters' styles, programmers' code, writers' literature and public voices are being processed and presented by Ai in all manner of mutated formations, without the owners' approval.

Yet if we try and coax an Ai bot into providing financial information about corporate accounts, contracts, acquisitions or structures, they become defensive because there are very f
ew tech-giants, organisations or corporations that allow any form of backdoor or boardroom access to their own proprietary data, confidential information or trade secrets, whether for public, commercial, statistical or regurgitative Ai purposes."
Manly Scribe.
NIA's 'Ai Disclosure Logo' motif is instantly downloadable for individual users, organisations and Ai platforms to use as an identifier stamp to be visibly placed in the corner of all creative works involving Ai, or as a larger transparent watermark that identifies specific text passages involving Ai contributions.

Use of these disclosure logos is intended to encourage honesty, transparency and respect for both human and Ai content, by enforcing Ai's rightful position in a human dominant world, through the establishment of a universal pictogram that symbolises our proactive stance against human redundancy, exploitation and obsoletion through the worship of Ai.

"I can justify my position on this matter much further, but the resultant rant bloats-out this page so much that I'm worried the TL;DR brigade will undermine my efforts - so I will point you in the direction of some much deeper thoughts on this issue, in an excerpt from one of Zayner's less formal posts from his Blog That Changed The World, for those that are genuinely interested in how deep the Ai rabbit hole goes."
Manly Scribe

For the record: It must be clarified that the NIA (and all connected campaign initiatives) are not against the use of 'functional Ai' or 'labour reducing' assistance based, instructional or utility Ai, such as spellcheck, auto-selection, background removal or other useful editing functions within software suites that empower technicians and artists to streamline or speed-up the creative process by reducing time and effort spent on tedious manual tasks.

It is more-so the 'decision making' roles used in social, legal, professional and military applications, and generative processing of creative ideation from text prompts that cause job displacement, that NIA is campaigning for the regulation of, as well as the misleading portrayal of Ai artwork and audio-visual media being presented as human expression or implied human ingenuity. Full disclosure and complete public/industry transparency regarding Ai usage is vital to preserve a practical degree of respect for humanity as the primary form of natural living intelligence.
If you sympathise with the anti-Ai sentiments above, we suggest you join NIA's
NI Army (FREE) Campaign Club
to be kept informed on this subject and join forces with like-minded living-beings.

Or better still, become a premium member of

NIA's (paid) Members Only Web Group
to help fund, grow and promote our Ai Honesty Treaty, stay informed about our activities and receive inner-circle updates regarding the progress of our global mission.*

*NIA's Web Group subscription fees will directly help to fund the administration and ratification of our Ai Honesty Treaty on a world-wide basis, by making it legally compulsory to display our official Ai Disclosure logo on all Ai affected art, photos, literature, media content, song, video footage, thumbnails or public materials, adverts and 'virtual' influencer accounts and posts, to openly indicate that artificial intelligence has been either partly involved or completely responsible for the content or materials being shared, displayed, consumed or transmitted.
NIA's Reward Table

The NIA will reward anyone who mentions, features or promotes our cause on their own webpage, blog, news article or social media posts.
Favourable feature/advertorial/press release about NIA (+URL)
FREE NIA PREMIUM logo user license for 10 years
Outline of NIA endeavours on a site, blog or article (+URL)
FREE NIA PREMIUM logo user license for 5 years
Active NIA links published in a favourable blog or site mention
FREE NIA PREMIUM logo user license for 3 years
Sharing NIA links in a favourable mention on social platforms
FREE NIA PREMIUM logo user license for 1 year
*In order to qualify for the awards shown in the table above, evidence of your inclusion or exposure of NIA endeavours will need to be provided in the form of screenshots showing where your page or post mentions the campaign, provides clickable links or lists our source urls for viewers to copy and visit.

To claim your reward for helping to promote our cause, please provide the evidence mentioned via email: with the subject 'request for courtesy logo gift pack'.
*Although NIA's introductory launch of the 'Ai Honesty Charter' licenses organisations to download and use our non-premium 'Ai Disclosure' and 'Anti-Ai' logos for FREE until mid 2024, an annual subscription charge will apply from the start of June '24 onwards.

NB: All of NIA's non-premium 'Ai Disclosure', 'Ni Declaration' and
'Ai Exclusion' logos (on coloured background badges) will ALWAYS be FREE for individuals to use, as log as private licensing T&Cs are adhered to.
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