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PreOrder of 'GodHed: Rude Awakening' (Vol 1 of the GodHed Saga)

PreOrder of 'GodHed: Rude Awakening' (Vol 1 of the GodHed Saga)

10,00£ Precio
5,00£Precio de oferta

GodHed is a hyperdelic, transrealist, dark-enlightenment sci-fi thriller, focused upon the spiritual phenomenon of humanity ascending the limiting factors of our illusory existence.

The story follows the unassuming, dysfunctional life of Zayner, a self-medicating neurodivergent with PTSD. After accidentally ingesting a sacred, ancient concoction, numerous out of body excursions send Zayner to the same five-sided pyramid within a dimensional construct that holographically overlaps our own astral realm. Inside the ominous 'pentamid' genelab, sick scientific experiments allow dimensional beings to generate fear and pain vibrations deep within our quantum subconscious, the frequencies of which are used to power the entities' own reality.

Back in the real world, Zayner discovers that gaps in his memory mask significant events that have triggered his heightened state of GodHed, providing disturbing insights that eventually reveal an unwitting connection to a sovereign tribe of underground 'Godlings', who orchestrate a rebellious campaign to fulfil a cosmic prophecy concerning the defeat of evil forces that are preventing humanity from becoming a race of super-sentient beings.

  • Terms & Conditions Apply

    Due to the nature of our reality, publication release dates are not fixed, so your presale credit will remain valid until you download the exclusive pre-release eBook, no matter how long it takes.

  • Why Presale Order?

    As a work in progress, GodHed: Rude Awakening (Vol 1 of the book saga) is being rewritten and edited for release mid 2024.


    By reserving your own copy of this book in advance, not only will you be paying half the published price - saving yourself £5 on the retail cover price of £10 once it's published as an eBook, but your order will be counted as a proactive vote for the completion of this project over and above Manly Scribe's other creative projects featured on this website.


    In the spirit of a crowdfund campaign, the more people who pledge their direct financial support of this product using presale orders, the quicker this particular product will be brought to market for public release.


    Also, in return for your vote of support, all presale orders will be honoured a month before the product is distributed for general consumption, so initial fulfillment for all of our presale readers will be used to create a valuable feedback loop that could help fine-tune, polish or even influence the direction of the manuscript's plot or premise, meaning that the organic input from presale orders will be treated as valuable feedback from beta readers, which could actually help to shape the evolution of the story as it unfolds.

    This means that all presale orders of this book saga direct through our website, will effectively be helping to bring these products to life on several monumental levels!

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