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PreOrder Your Own FzR Device

PreOrder Your Own FzR Device

2 500,00£ Prix original
1 000,00£Prix promotionnel

The FzR device (affectionately pronounced 'phaser' out of respect for classical futurist archetypes and established sci-fi tropes) originally featured as a prop in the GodHed saga, after Gizmo stole Zayner's brainstorm concept by remotely hacking his 'secure' cloud server, which initially caused trust issues between Zayner and Gizmo, before they became the best of friends.


By the time Gizmo was able to present a working prototype back to Zayner as a gift for his contribution to humanity, Zayner was gobsmacked to discover that open-source variations of his unique design were already being 3D printed for use by many undercover members of the Godling tribe, two of which had been using their FzRs to follow him covertly, until finally being forced to reveal themselves after rescuing him from a burning car.

  • Terms & Conditions Presale Ordering

    Here you can pre-order your own FzR device to be delivered as soon as it is manufactured once prototyping, development and beta production has completed. All FzR design, function, spec and pricing schemes are subject to change for any number of reasons.

    The presale price of £1000 is exclusive to this website at this time, at less than half the target resale price. This generous discount is in return for your commitment to helping us bring this digital device to life.


    Our web host's payment rules only allow presale orders that are honoured within twelve months of purchase, so our shopping cart will not allow actual payment from you until we have enough 'in principle' presale orders to ensure that our manufacturing and assembly goals are met within a year of the payment gateway opening - hopefully with a degree of 'flood funding' generated by interest in our presale campaign. Once presale payments are unlocked, the preorder price-tag will rise each month until the beta models are rolled-out, reaching the full retail price of £2500 in time for commercial launch to the public.


    All preorder funds for this FzR device will directly finance the research, development, prototyping, testing, pilot build and beta model rollout. These early versions of the FzR device will ensure our early investors  become proud owners of a truly collectible piece of art that forms an exclusive range of non-commercial souvenires that were awarded only to those esteemed consumers who will forever be considered as our highly respected founding funders.


    Most of the technology to build our FzR devices already exist, so once we've assembled the inner framework, 3D printed the casing and coded the OS to provide functionality, the finer design details and production hurdles can be ironed out as we go.


    Presale customers will obviosuly need to be willing to tolerate changes in timescale and pipeline production because everyone knows that not everything always goes to plan. But, that’s not to say progress in areas other than anticipated, may reveal themselves capable of succeeding before we imagined either!


    Due to the 'organic' start-up nature of us starting small and paying over-the-counter prices for component parts in smaller quantities (rather than highly discounted wholesale supplies) our presale price for this initial demo-run is based on manufacturing costs alone, so avoids  all the additional marketing, promotion and distribution costs and is without any profit margin on our part, until the units become commercially viable for public release.

    To help put our presale customers' minds at rest, all beta FzR devices will come with an impressive 10 year manufacturer's 'back-to-base', 'infinite upgrade' or 'new release update' warranty, as a loyalty gesture of good will, in return for your trust, patience and faith in our concept. In other words, if you help to look after us, we'll definitely look after you as much as we can, with pride, for as long as we can afford to.


    This means if your FzR breaks or fails in any way, we will replace any and all parts for free* and/or upgrade certain features as the design improves, and/or swap-out your original beta models for newer equivalents (including improvements) for an entire decade after the launch date to the public! The same policy stands for our deep-dive 'NucleOS' operating system which can be UXUI trained, scriptomated and flow-configured like nothing anyone has ever seen before, as well as our legendary 'Vortex' media manager, webscope and commcenter, which will literally blow the minds of software nerds, interface masters, webeaters, power-users and data-divas for decades to come! The prelaunch versions of our bespoke software environment will involve several 'limited edition' sub-functions, artsy features and time sensitive/function triggered easter-eggs that commercial users will never have the privilege of exploiting or enjoying.

  • How to register your interest in a presale order.

    For a more in-depth description and technical specification of the FzR device, please visit our full promotional FzR page HERE.

    Due to our webhost's policy regarding presale orders, fulfillment of physical product 'presale orders' must be honoured and delivered within a year of payment being processed.

    So, to ensure enough funding is in place to honour this arrangement of delivering our beta models within a year of presale payment from you, we are cureently accepting 'presale orders in principle' in order to register our customer/supporter/user interest in advance of the payment gateway becoming activated. This way, when we notify everyone on the aiting list that payments are being activated, a flood of prepayments will hopefully facilitate enough funding to get the ball rolling and start the actual development and assembly of the prototype model that will be used to replicate tester and beta roll-out models to our presale customers. 

    In order to place an 'in principle' presale order for one of beta release FzR devices, please register your interest via our on-site FzR crowdfund group HERE. It is important to do this as soon as possible, because the presale of our 'beta model' FzR devices will literally be hand-built to order, so we have to limit the number of these 'special limited edition' monumental and collectible FzR units to a managebly practical level, especially at the heavily discounted 'trade' prices being offered to our earliest 'funding founder' supporters.

    This means that all presale orders for FzR beta models have to be honoured on a 'first come - first serve' basis. Once the maximum threshold of units we can make by hand has been reached (which we're keeping under wraps to generate extra traction by boosting social intrigue :b), the presale option will be strictly 'locked-in' to only those earliest of birds that have been waiting to have their payments processed the longest!

    After that, FzR devices will only become available via our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign, and shipped to the public accordingly, in a more commercial capacity.

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