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Yellow Logo On Black Badge - Ai Disclosure Logo

Yellow Logo On Black Badge - Ai Disclosure Logo


Yellow logo on black background badge.
Both 'Ai Included' and 'Generated by Ai' formats.
PNG File format in ALL sizes.

*Terms & Conditions of license apply

  • Display & Usage Rules

    Proportional Resizing Only
    Each 'Ai Disclosure Logo' can be accurately scaled (resized) in accordance with whatever is required to properly and faithfully identify each picture, image, graphic, video or document being presented, but the logo must remain totally square in proportion and not subject to any squashed or stretched deviation from its original 1:1 aspect ratio of being absolutely square (equal in length along all four sides).


    No Design Changes
    The 'Ai Disclosure Logo' must not be edited, altered, deconstructed, reproduced, rotated, mirrored, inverted or reconstructed into any other source size, file format, ratio, composition, colour scheme, contrast, layout, finish, detail, resolution or opacity. Nor may any other pixels, graphics, colours or objects be added to the facia or confines of the 'Ai Disclosure Logo' itself.

    No Special Effects
    The integrity of the 'Ai Disclosure Logo' provided must not be upgraded, degraded or mutated to any degree, including pixelation, illustration, granulation or any other graphical filter or artistic effect applied either to any aspect in part or full, including the icon decal, background, facia, framing, edges, container, colour scheme, contrast. texture, weight or opacity.*

    *The only allowable exception is when the 'disclosure logo' is used as a feint background or 'watermark' to identify a passage of text as either having involved or been completely generated by Ai. In this case it is up to the user to achieve a suitable transparency (anything between 20% and 40% is recommended).

    NB: For users without access to graphic editing software, an easier alternative would be to place the relevent PNG 'disclosure logo' at the start and end of text passages, like book-end icons used to demarcate Ai involvement or complete generation of any text. 

    NB: A webfont and textface Unicode 'font' version of this logo is in the pipeline and will be made available to all subscribers as soon as it has been tested and verified.


    Squarely Orientated With Adequate Spacing
    The 'Ai Disclosure Logo' must always be placed, displayed, presented, printed, publicised, transmitted and showcased in a perfectly straight alignment in its entirety, with no degree of rotation and no other top-layer graphics crowding, encroaching, touching or obscuring its own proximity of 2mm spacing around its outer edge. The logo must always be positioned 'above' (over the top of) any relative graphics, artwork or passage that it is being used to identify, constituting the uppermost layer of any artwork, creative material, video/animation closed captioning/VFX or body of text.


    Nicely Placed In Right Hand Corner
    The 'Ai Disclosure Logo' must be clearly visible in the appropriate size and position relative to each body of work, in the upper or lower right hand corner of any square, rectangular or other shaped document (but never touching the edge due to a 2mm clear buffer margin). It can be cleanly placed (but never touching) the most obvious outer edge of any circular or freeform container, and 3D mesh, model or render.


    No Crowding Or Camouflaging
    The 'Ai Disclosure Logo' must never be cut-off or obscured by any other object in any way and the appropriate coloured logo or badge should be used against a picture or object's background in a way that strongly contrasts with its immediate setting in order to attract the viewers eye towards it, rather than merging with or melding into the background of any similar colour that would detract or obfuscate the logo or badge to any degree. Drop shadows or glow-behinds may be added to help define the badge or logo from extra busy background settings or to lift it slightly above the picture like a raised or embossed motif in order to draw attention to the logo's presence.


    Following Rules Is Sometimes Good
    The terms and conditions of usage set-out above, form the practical aspect of this contractual arrangement, any deliberate or unintentional breach of which will deem the user's download, storage and reproduction license agreement as null and void, which may incur retrospective fees, application charges and/or reproduction penalties for the user. In serious cases of artistic, commercial and/or public misconduct, legal enforcement may be required to remedy the image and reputation of the issuing body (NIA) and any direct or indirect damages caused, dependent upon the intention, severity and repercussion of misuse or abuse of the terms and conditions of the license agreement provided with each product download.

  • Licensing Terms & Conditions

    All rights reserved © 2023 NIA (Natural Intelligence Alliance) via E&EO. All artistic, design, intellectual property and copy rights legally enforced under universal and common law protocols.

    Strictly no refunds, chargebacks, credits or exchanges are available for any of the NIA digital products downloaded from this website. Due to the transmissible, replicable, copyable and inherently irreversible nature of this digital transaction, by continuing to download this product onto any digital device, all customers/recipients of this product agree to waive their right to request a refund in any way, or apply chargeback processes on any CNP (customer not present) transactions or card payments used to purchase and download this product. This proviso forms part of the licensing agreement you are committing to contract with.

    Important explanation for this: This 'no refund' clause is intended purely to protect NIA from being victimised by applied mass 'refund sabotage', which is a legitimate and crippling antagonistic strategy often used to put an operation out of business by applying multiple refunds to an account that still has to pay payment and refund transaction fees, or worse 'orchestrated chargebacks' which incur substantial extra charges to the seller in the region of £15 per refund, as well as 'platform penalties' that can suspend a payment gateway for incurring excessive controversy, which may force the 'freezing' of an account, including transfers of accrued funds and withdrawals!

    'Refund sabotage' strategies are normally used as an industrial tactic to put online or retail operations out-of-business - particularly if they are disruptive in nature or progressive in ways which may challenge mainstream narratives, upset larger competitive interests or rattle politically motivated movements. 


    By downloading this electronic graphic file, you are confirming that you have read all of these accompanying license terms and conditions and fully understand and accept all the contractual restrictions and usage limitations that these 'Ni declaration' logos (electronic graphical PNG file) are subject to, under NIA's terms for downloading and using these products.

    Perpetual Personal Usage License
    Personal users agree to comply with all our 'logo usage' rules, as well as being legally bound by the contractual obligations defined within these Licensing terms and conditions. NIA accepts no liability for loss, damage or injustice caused by abuse or misuse of this graphical resource, and/or indirect association with our organisation.

    All versions of our logo displayed on solid coloured backgrounds will always be FREE for individual usage.


    The transparent background versions are licensed via an annually renewable charge that will be due for payment each year in advance of usage, the current rate of which is set at £5 per year. This annual subscription rate may change according to financial needs, subscription performance and other business factors yet to be determined. 


    No Sharing Or Selling
    The user accepts complete responsibility for the adherence to our association rules and the permitted usage of our resources, including an agreement on the users part, to never; copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, swap or share any of our NIA logos or graphics with any other user, person, human, entity, group, organisation, agent or fiction. The penalty for failing to abide by this rule will be a full-charge invoice for payment of the commercial AND reseller license fee equivalent, applied retrospectively from the date of your initial download of the resource in question.


    One Download Each Per User
    Each personal user is entitled to one download/storage only of each size and colour of the FREE solid background badges (and the PAID FOR transparent background versions). The graphical file is totally non-transferable to any other party and remains the sole responsibility of each user under their own user agreement and licensing contract.


    Organisational Licenses Will Be Charged Annually From 2024
    Any corporate, public and commercial usage by professional studios, NFT exchanges, art galleries, businesses, groups, charities, organisations, companies, trusts, educational institutes, scientific researchers, libraries, archival systems, search engines, websites, government bodies and all and any other formal or profitable agencies are subject to all the same restrictive terms and condition criteria as the 'Personal User License', but shall also be subject to extra binding limitations and jurisdiction wherein ALL of the NIA's 'Ni Declaration Logos' including the solid coloured badge versions and the transparent background versions, will be subject to an ever-rolling, annually renewable 'organisational license subscription', that will be chargeable, the tariff for which will be announced to all logo corporate logo users in 2024 before the charge is brought into effect.

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